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Our ministry is guided, shaped,

and inspired by our reformed

and covenantal theology

A voice for Reformed Theology

among Farsi Speakers

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Our Mission


Mehr Reformed Ministries exists to provide biblical and theological training to the next generation of Farsi-speaking Christian disciples in Iran and the Middle East. Characteristic of a strong reformed tradition, Mehr is committed to restoring access and understanding of the Word of God to a resource-deprived language group Read More 

Our Vision


The church in Iran is growing the fastest among all Islamic countries. Although printed Bibles are prohibited in Iran and other Farsi-speaking countries, Mehr Reformed Ministries (MRM) is providing digital access to the Word of God, Bible study tools and other resources.Read More

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What is Our Mission ?

Providing reformed Biblical Resources and Discipleship Training for Farsi Speakers

Our Impact


    Our worldwide users

100-500 Thousands Farsi Speakers

50-100 Thousands Farsi Speakers

 25-50 Thousands Farsi Speakers

 5-25 Thousands Farsi Speakers


          Farsi Bible Users

       a.Downloads – 10,6000

       b.USB Flash Drives – 20,000

       c.Internet Users – 800

       d.Android Users – 5,000

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         Resources Needed

      a.Interlinear Bible

      b.Topical Search Engine


      d.More Bible Maps

The Apostle Paul saw a vision of a Macedonian calling out for help. Persian people are calling out for help from those with a rich tradition of biblical scholarship and doctrinal teaching. It is a good time to heed this call!

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