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Joel Aguilar
Board Director

  • Email: joel.aguilar8@gmail.com

  • Phone: (214) 308-8098

Joel Aguilar is a Reformed Faith Christian and International Multicultural Corporate Executive with over 20 years of diverse global management consulting and internal audit experience in business process solutions, document technology, financial services, telecommunications, and household consumer sectors. Twenty-four years ago, Joel came to the United States as an executive intercompany transfer from Mexico City on what was initially meant to have been a two-year assignment to set-up the Internal Audit department for a transnational telecom company in Richardson. Along the way, his family became US residents, and then with time, American citizens.

Joel serves in the Session and has served in the Deacons’ Board of Town North Presbyterian Church for over fifteen years. He has served Mission to the World (MTW) on mission vision trips to Mexico, Honduras, Haiti, and West Africa. He is a member of the Foreign Missions Committee of Town North Presbyterian Church.